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A bike dealer is a business that sells and/or services bikes.

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Select to navigate to the previous listed dealer alphabetically for the associated brand. Similarly, select to navigate to the dealer model. The button is disabled if there is no previous or next dealer.

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Your Location

If you would like to know how far a physical dealer is from you, enter your address in the location field. We suggest entering your zip code but a specific street address will provide more precise results.


Dealer Type

This site recognizes three types of dealers: physical, mobile, and online.

Physical Store

A physical dealer is a business with a physical location that you can visit. A physical store typically sells bicycles and may also provide service. For some physical dealers, bicycles are their primary focus while others sell a variety of products including bicycles. Examples: a local bike shop or a retailer such as Walmart.

Mobile Dealer

A mobile dealer typically does not have a physical store but rather they come to you for sales and/or service. A mobile dealer will have a defined service area where they will travel. They often provide service and may also sell bicycles or be involved in the delivery and setup of a bicycle purchased online.

Online dealer

An online dealer sells bicycles through a website and generally ships the bicycle to you for final assembly. Online dealers often do not provide service.


The street address for a physical dealer. Addresses are normalized using the Google mapping service.

Distance (from your location)

The straight-line distance (not driving distance) from your location (if specified) to the physical dealer. Enter your location if you want the distance to be displayed (see "Your Location" above).


The dealer's website address, if available.

Store Type

Indicates if the physical store is a "Bicycle store" as defined by Google maps. If it is not listed as a bicycle store then it is shown as "Other store".

Last Published

Indicates the last time the dealer's information was updated on this site (if available).


Lists the bicycle brands that the dealer sales or services.

Authorized Dealers

Each brand lists the dealers that are authorized to sell or service their products.