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Welcome to Bob's Bike Guide

This site focuses on helping you learn about e-bikes. There are three ways to use the site: Brands, Search and Compare.


Do you want an e-bike but don't know where to start? If so, Search is the place for you.

Search lets you discover bikes that fit your needs. Over 50 search criteria allow you to refine your search to show just the bikes that satisfy the criteria you specify, such as your height, budget, motor power or tire size.

Save and Share your Search

Search updates the page url with your search criteria as you add them. You can bookmark the url and resume your search later or send the url to a friend to share your e-bike search progress and get feedback.

To try the Search function select "Search" in the menu bar at the top of the page (learn more).


Do you have a bike model or brand that you are interested in, but want to learn more or find similar bikes? If so, Brands can help.

Brands lets you explore bikes by brand name and model name and get information on the bike from our database with over 100 possible attributes per bike.

Find Similar Bikes

If you have an e-bike you are considering, locate it in Brands and you can quickly generate a search that shows you similar bikes. You can adjust the search, if needed to find just the bikes you want.

To try Brands select "Brands" in the menu bar at the top of the page (learn more).


An important factor in finding the right ebike, is finding one that you can purchase and service in a manner that works for you. For some, that includes finding a brand that has a nearby dealer providing sales and/or service.

We have information on over 8,000 geolocated dealers and can optionally focus your search to brands whose closest dealer is within a distance you specify.


Do you have several bikes you are considering but need to compare them? Our compare page can help.

Select the bike you want to compare and see their listed attributes side by side. It is a great tool to assist in your evaluation process.

Save and Share your Comparison

Compare updates the page url with models to compare as you add them. You can bookmark the url and resume your comparison later or send the url to a friend to share the e-bike comparison and get feedback.


Have you discovered incorrect or incomplete information on this site? You can edit a bike listing or even add a missing listing to make the site better for everyone.

How to Contribute

  1. Create a free account with your email address (we won't share it or spam you).
  2. Sign In.
  3. To edit an existing listing, navigate to the detail page and select "Edit" in the top right or the page. To add a missing listing, navigate to corresponding brand page and select "Add" at the bottom of the model list.
  4. Edit the incorrect or missing information and submit it for review.
  5. We will review your submission and make it available on the site within a few days.

Unbiased Information

Our goal is to empower you to discover bikes that satisfy your objectives and preferences, not ours or a sponsor. We don't tell you which bike to get, we objectively and transparently show you bikes that satisfy your criteria and enable you to decide.


We want your honest feedback. Please let us know how we are doing, both good and bad. Just email Bob and you can help us to make the site better.

If you have used this site and it helped you to identify a bike that you purchased, please email Bob and share your experience.